• TitanNetSatelliteMarkI

    Titan satellite

    Width: 2536 meters
  • Height: 1500 meters
  • Crew: 30
  • Defense: 12 Mark I Staff Cannons
  • Shields Mark III, Cloaking System (Classified)
  • Ships: 1 Al’kesh, 1 Tel’tak


The Titan Net Relay Satellite is the ultimate multipurpose tool of the Titan Empire. These immense satellites serve many purposes, but first and foremost is the rapid dissemination of coded information through the territories and worlds of the Titan Empire. These space stations are produced in the Atlas Sphere and then moved to various locations throughout the galaxy.

They are linked and synchronized with each other and the central command hub on both the Atlas Sphere and Troy. They can serve a variety of purposes: from orbital command post, and observatory, to laboratory, to deep space monitoring station. The stations boast the most advance cloaking system, they rely heavily on these do to the lack of adequate defensive and offensive load outs. The stations have the most complex data transmission arrays ever developed.

Considered undecipherable, the stations rapidly move information in coded data burst that are disguised as background radiation. At last count it is believed that nearly 10,000 of these stations are spread throughout the Milky Way, cloaked and hidden, never to be molested. A smaller network of these stations was deployed in the Pegasus Galaxy during the reign of the First Dynasty, but was abandoned following the destruction of the Atlas Gate cutting them off from the central network in the Milky Way.