From the depths of the Titan Empire, the finest minds conspired to create a new more versatile version of the all vaunted Reflex Armor. This new version is markedly different from its predecessor on several levels:

The basic nanites that form the Reflex layer are now even smaller thus allowing a greater density and mass of the Reflex layer upon the Armor.

The new layer boast an advance neural receiving matrix via the enclosed helmet apparatus allowing the wearer to more easily influence the Reflex layer

The new Layer is now capable of more than mere defensive measures, it can now reform and actively control the shape it takes based on the desire of the wearer, thus besides acting as a protective layer over traditional armor it can now take more offensive actions such as forming simple serrated weapons: swords, knives, it has also been shown to form more imaginative forms such as wings, chains, tentacles.

The new Reflex Armor X is now only limited by the wearer themselves…

Stress Test:

Ballistic Weapons: Impervious

Exploding Devices: Various stresses can be tolerated, it varies on proximity to said explosion, it has been shown to shrug off explosions as large as direct exposure to a Tau’ri Claymore

Energy Weapons: Zats: Impervious

Staff Weapons: Capable of withstanding 6 direct close proximity blast before being compromised

Tri-Pod Mounted Staff: Capable of sustaining 2 direct shots before becoming compromised

Kara’kesh: Capable of anticipating the incoming energy wave and reacts accordingly.