Reversed engineered from dormant Replicator technology, Atlas turned the base program of these artifical lifeforms into slaves of his will. Reflex armor serves as an overlay for traditional armor systems in the Titan Empire. The Mark VI is the armor used on the ships of the Titan's fleet and defense installations. The Mark III is the system used on jaffa armor as a smooth overlay that is incorporated into the very armor matrix itself. The difference in these two systems lies in mass and density.

The self powering overlay acts as it's own supercomputer adjusting to reinforce the predicted impact zone of anything approaching the armor locking together in different variations depending on the force of the attack. The blocks themselves when communicating with each other however produce a highly localized jamming field to prevent leakage of the technology through all but the most powerful sensors as well as creating an type of shielding to prevent certain frequencies being broadcast from outside sources to interrupt with the baseline function of the layer.


Anticipation matrixEdit

Operates from a low yield energy filed broadcast by the Reflex layer, the field extends for 3 feet from the wearer in every direction. Thus when an object breaches the field the Reflex Armor calculates and moves the necessary amount of layer blocks to increase the density of the armor and negate the attack.


Trinium flux metal form the blocks themselves which are in turn laced throughout with nanite control mesh.

The Mark VI has proven to be tide turner on several occasions including:

The Battle of Knossos

The Battle of Nirvin

The Siege of Heliopolis