Status: Alive
Gender: Asexual (female personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: An'arlia
Rank: Supreme System Lord
Allegiances: Khnum , Atlas , Atum
Galaxy: Milky Way
A intelligent, manipulative, though some say insane, Goa'uld Queen, one of the last of her time goa'uld left following the fall of the Third Dynasty. She survived thanks to a goa'uld assigned by the "Family" since a young age, (Being the sole Princess/Queen of her generation) to protect her, of which a relationship was formed upon, his sacrifice allowed her to escape. Quetesh has become a danger after the fall, and a increasing urgency for many Goa'uld. She has woven ephemeral alliances with almost all the Goa'uld including Atlas, Selvans, Apollo and Atum (of whom she was in former alligance to) most recently using this to rise into the title of High System Lord and solidify her dominance and superiority. Quetesh after several years of perfection, was able to create a host, based around the look of Vala, who was to Quetesh, more beautiful and to her liking. Quetesh has two publicly known children with the Titan Atlas, Princess Aria and Prince Azrila. Was recently appointed Supreme System Lord during the last summit to the space station Heliopolis.

Quetesh symbol

Quetesh symbol

During the aforementioned monthly meeting, Quetesh was transported against his will in a an alternative reality of current events and then thanks to the teamwork operated by various goa'uld, she was able to return to his galaxy and ripendere possession of his domain invaded by the armies of Anubis. A few weeks after the conflict broke out between Atlas and Khnum, led to the fall of the latter and his exile on the planet Khenem. How a' vulture, Quetesh began military operations to reclaim the planet Tuat as part of its domain.

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