Pathogen classified as a mutagen Goa'uld of the genome, can transform certain segments of DNA of the symbiont to enable him to procreate offspring. Discovered by Nirrti during his experiments to create a Queen Goa'uld, the Progenitor is a virus that is inserted into the DNA of the Goa'uld and active thanks to certain cellular adaptive recombination processes, the sequences specific for procreation larvae. Known as the Gift of Life, this viral agent, however, has numerous contraindications and adverse effects not only on symbiont that has been implanted, but also on the offspring of those Goa'uld and they are in contact.
The negative effects are as follows:

  •  Sterility of the queen mothers with whom they come into contact with the symbionts created this viral agent other than those generated by the same Progenitor.
  •  Increase of paranoia and sociopathic behavior of the Goa'uld once rendered capable of procreating new larvae.
  •  The larvae once acquired, have sociopathic tendencies than their peers, generated from normal queens.
  •  The symbionts tend to have a functioning immune system as well and only 50%
  •  Lifespan of Goa'uld much halved, especially mothers created specially for queens.
  •  Degraded DNA sequence.