Philae 3

Philae, Goa'uld pyramid

Planet of the Milky Way, which for centuries was the seat and capital of the Goa'uld domain interstellar Isis. After the imprisonment of the Goa'uld, the planet has remained without authority Goa'uld, but despite this, the population has continued the worship of the Goddess until the arrival of Khnum, who while not suppressing the worship of Isis, added his own.

After the return of Khnum, the latter being demoted to First Prime was forced to take up residence forced on the planet. After returning from his mission, Khnum was forced to take as their capital planet hunting Heqet the queen and the director Nefertum. On the planet there are three major cities: Agilikia, Biggah, Sehel

The planet was lost recently due to the invasion of Atlas.

Planet CityEdit

  • Agilikia - Main city of the planet and the seat of government of the fallen System Lord. It has a central plan with Roman-style buildings. The city has about 10,000 inhabitants largely the Amduat Guard.
  • Biggah - The second largest city in the world in Roman style and very similar to the lost Hercolaneum. Consists of approximately 5,000 Jaffa and from what remains of the original population of the planet.
  • Sehel - Third largest city in the world with a population of a thousand people all extraction Jaffa. In the center of the city there is a temple dedicated to the goddess Isis.