P3X-888 is the Taurì designation for the homeworld of a race known as the Unas. This world is also the only planet where Goa'uld larvae have been discovered in 'the wild' which, in addition to the fact that the Unas were the first race that the Goa'uld ever took as hosts, is the reason it is generally believed that this planet is also the Goa'uld homeworld (Nu)

Goa'uld still exist in the primordial waters, from which they once lept to take Unas as their first hosts. From there, they discovered the workings of the Stargate and left the planet — though Goa'uld and Unas still reside there in a hostile tension. Recently, the planet was discovered by Khnum consulting some charts and an expedition to find the burial of Goa'uld Queen Cleopatra was initiated.