Goa'uld child who has made ​​a career in the ranks of ATOK, and later his son Apep. Known as the Sumerian God of big cities and the husband of Ereshkigal known for his schizophrenia and paranoia that led him down the centuries to sporadic appearances in society Goa'uld.

Goauld and Annunaki call him "Matheus" is the son of Lord Sargon's powerful system and his stepmother Macon Inanna. It is a harcesis. It has an antique genus because the Inannina Hostess was ancient because of its naquadah and ancient genes by which it controls the ancient and goauld technology.

Born 20 000 B.C and early life

When they found the body of pregnant Amy, Inanna took over a new host, giving her a lot of control over the technology of the Ancients, then gave birth to a son whose Sargon took behind his system lords and said it was a harcesis.

Inanna become jeaulous to him she takes him to slave family to Tauri.

Mathayus and his half-brother Jesup and his friend Rama are the last of the Akkadian mercenaries, and possible the last of the Akkadians. They are hired to kill King Memnon's scorcerer which would put and end to Memnon's reign.

While sneaking into Memnon's camp Jesup and Rama are shot down with arrows, Mathayus the only one to escape harm. Mathayus finds the sorcerer's tent and the sorcerer. As he draws this bow he finds that the sorcerer is a sorceress. Distracted by this he is attacked my Memnon's men. He soon finds out that he and his men were betrayed my Takmet, the son of the man who hired them.