Khnum vestito bianco
Status: Alive
Gender: Asexual (male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Khenem
Rank: Fallen System Lord
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky Way
Distrustful and suspicious, Khnum is a Goa'uld System Lord that for millennia was imprisoned in a jar of stasis as punishment inflicted by the Supreme System Lord Ra, for failing to keep under control the planet Ombos. Remained trapped for over 2.000 years in the doldrums, Khnum was released by his captors a few days after the death of Ra and chased emerged as ruler of the planet Khenem, where he laid the foundation for the creation of his own interstellar empire. Remained in the shadows for the first years when the war broke out between Taurì and Goa'uld, Khnum has learned and done its technology a ship Ha'tak MK II stolen from a goa'uld later discovered to be Anubis. With the fall of the empire, even Khnum was in danger of being killed by his own guard Jaffa, but managing to survive by resorting to chemical and biological weapons. Prevented the arrival of the advance during the invasion Orii, Khnum was revealed to the rest of the galaxy collecting the remains of the army and founded an Empire interstellar goa'uld. Drawing goa'uld along with other children and working with them, Khnum has expanded his empire quickly, incorporating numerous planets and entering into open conflict with many of the new sovereign goa'uld.

Khnum symbol by nirti-d6bdk7z

Khnum symbol

Came to power as a System Lord, Khnum brought his domain to the fore and forming reason of conflict is between the various goa'uld, than among the rest of the inhabitants of the galaxy concerned. Forced to ally with their enemies against common enemies like Malecathi and Vanir and the same Anubis, the goa'uld has always managed to bring back victories while often paying a big price in lives and ships. Recently, after the new attempted takeover of the renegade Anubis, Khnum was forced into a war against the unexpected titan Atlas who defeated him and attempted to deport in the Pegasus galaxy. Escaped deportation, Khnum has found refuge on its original planet where he began an isolationist policy also because of the very limited resources at its disposal. He recently began a series of experiments on evolution, using as guinea pigs symbionts goa'uld still infants, inoculating small amounts of nanobots in the bloodstream or operating at the genetic level. This series of experiments has provided the disgust and hatred of the queen Satis towards the same Khnum.
Khnum XIV

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