About 10,000 years ago, Khnum arrived on Earth at the behest of Queen Tiamat in order to select eligible individuals for the creation of an 'army of Jaffa came across a technology that belonged to the people of the Ancients. This technology made it possible to clone an infinite number of copies of human beings, and in this case, this technology could be adapted in series to create the immense army commissioned him to Jaffa, from the demanding System Lord Tiamat.
This technology was available thanks to a device found near the area known as Aswan in Egypt, and in that place Khnum built an underground laboratory to create the army required.


The device duplicates a genetic sample after careful internal analysis and creates numerous copies through the multiplication of cells.
Replicated well in cells, are released all the genetic information including loyalty to a particular Goa'uld and combative techniques, are also limited intellectual levels except in Jaffa in charge of command.
The process then follows a maturation all 'inside of large cylindrical tanks, where the clones immersed in a water solution, grow rapidly reaching maturity within one month of their creation.
During this period of maturation, some of the information is entered directly into the brain of clones with military tactics and conditioning them to remember the original jaffa from which each clone originates.
Problems due to a degeneration of the genetic material occurs after about 1 billion clones, and lead to rapid degeneration of physical and mental, if not to actual deformity in the clone. The clones during the process are called Harpocrates becoming to complete maturation real Guards Amduat.Such information, however, remain latent until the clone is not trained at the end of the ripening cycle directly from Khnum or his subject, at which time the genetic conditioning takes over and entered the same memories and the various military knowledge, to become re-emerge current memory of the new jaffa.
Currently, underground facilities known as "Joy of Life" are still unknown to the Taurì and Khnum taking steps to create the planet Revanna of new underground facilities in which a new clone army Jaffa.

Unit's clonedEdit

- Amduat Guard
- Harsiesis (search abandoned)