• Ha'tak1
    Power Supply: MK I-IV
  • Shield: MK I-IV
  • Weapon:MK I-IV
  • Hull:MK I-IV
  • Enginees:MK I-IV

Standard System:

  • Several Sarcophagy
  • Self destruction
  • Transport Ring's

Additional System:

  • Asgard Sensor
  • Asgard Transporter
  • Asgard Hologramm
  • Vanir sensor
  • Vanir Hull
  • Goa'uld Cloak
Main ship of each fleet Goa'uld, consisting of a pyramidal structure central tetrahedral based on which was placed a superstructure of protection and housing of further small arms and heavy. The ship is the Ha'tak spacecraft and is the most common symbol of the power of the Goa'uld. Every Goa'uld has at least one of these spaceships that has placed some custom modifications and improvements. Despite its improvements made ​​by individual Goa'uld, each Ha'tak has a basic structure composed of identical or pel'tak a control room where lies also the commander
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of the Goa'uld ship, an engine room, a generator of the shields, a central computer room, a glider and numerous storage hangars and warehouses for goods. Furthermore, the Ha'tak are able to carry within them the shuttles tell'tak and if desired also of Stargate. In Apocalypse Stargate Goa'uld created each of the variants of the basic model, adding a unique their Ha'tak. Many updates are now possible including those arising from the Asgard technology and the Vanir subtracted after the battle of "The Forge of Odin"