Deathbringer gautlet

Deathbringer Gautlet

The right hand gauntlet worn by Atlas, as both a ceremonial and practical device. The Goa’uld traditionally wear a Kara’kesh for protection, the device being capable of generating a Force field and Energy Wave of destructive force, and in some cases activating Ring Transporters, or other devices.

The Deathbringer Gauntlet of Atlas is a device similar to those worn by the System Lords in the regard that it has the basic functionally of the Kara’kesh, it can generate a shield, a force blast 3 times more powerful then the basic Kara’kesh and it is linked to various devices associated with the Titan Empire. It has been observed to do the following:

Activate HoloScreens Activate/Deactivate Alpha Bann Emiters Open/Close Comm. Channels

Offensively: Generate a Force Push Fire Brain Damaging Energy Tendrils Unleash Black Lighting Bolts Defensively: Generate Shielding Can be used as a blocking tool due to its metallurgic composition (Trinium)

Description: Full Gauntlet, it stretches from the tips of the fingers all the way to the elbow as a solid piece, it is Golden with Silver inlay and is adorned with Gems of various design all functional as interfaces and controls. Custom made to fit the arm of a Titan.