For over 1500 years Atlas labored to perfect this system and provide the Empire with the perfect inexhaustible energy source. Atlas turned from energy supplementation to weapons research when the Ori incursion began and attempted to activate a Dark Energy Matrix designed to collapse the Universe into a reverse big bang, his efforts failed thanks to the Tau’ri and the efforts of his own son Lord Wrath. The designs for the actual Energy System were never lost and in fact worked continued on the system under the watchful gaze of the High Priest Pericles.


In Atlas’s original theory Dark Energy being roughly 75% of the known Universe (I.E. 75% of Infinity) would be an inexhaustible energy supply if it could be harnessed. No more Naquadah mines, no more costly campaigns for resources and pointless wars, endless energy for the Titan Empire. Atlas postulated that if large enough Graviton Vacuums could be built, they could pull in Dark Energy and then using Quintessence fields to convert the Dark Energy to Potential Energy and transmit that energy to massive capacitors on any facility or vessel within reach of the transmitting array, thus any anything within reach of the Titan Net.

This complex theory called the Atlas Effect would if viable be able to be reduced down to power weapons, vessels, facilities and even small hand weapons as well. It would open a new age of power and technological advancement. Atlas’s death ended any further open development of the said Atlas Effect, but it has since come to light that the project was still operational under Emperor Prometheus.


Atlas EffectEdit

Dark Energy> Graviton Vacuums> Quintessence Fields=Conversion to Potential Energy> Potential Energy Transmission through Titan Net> to Capacitor on chosen site of receivership