• Density: 5 meters thick
  • Surface area: 550 million times the surface area of the Earth
  • Armor: Trinium shell, Reflex Armor (Evolving State Flux)
  • Weapons: Staff Cannons, Warhead Launchers, Jaws of Cerebus
  • Population: 112 Billion


2990 B.C., approximately is when it is believed that construction began on what many whispered was a mad Titans dream. When Atlas laid out the plans for his ultimate creation many in the Titan Empire doubted it could be done, certainly not within their considerable lifetimes. The amount of resources it would take to construct the structure was infinite, but Atlas was the model of patience.

40 star systems were stripped of their resources and construction continued unabated for nearly 4500 years. When the Atlas Sphere was considered fully operational, a slave force of 50 million was used to populate the structure and maintain it. The Atlas Sphere is completely self sustaining with varying ecologies, various land masses, sprawling jungles, and pristine oceans. Even with a massive population nearly 90% of the Atlas Sphere is unsettled and unexplored. Many sections have not been visited since the construction ceased, leading many to believe that undiscovered species may lurk there.

Celestia inner
It has been theorized that the vastness of the structure by its very nature makes it indestructible. Even a Replicator and Asgard assault have failed to bring this iconic structure down. Truly one of the wonders of the Universe