Status: Alive
Gender: Asexual (male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Knossos
Rank: Emperor First Dinasry
Allegiances: Selvans , Quetesh ,Atum
Galaxy: Milky Way
Ruthless and unforgiving- to the point where even the other System Lords regarded his crimes as monstrous-, Atlas was hellbent on gaining control of the entire galaxy, even if it means going up against his enemies. He also expected very high loyalty and success from his warriors and promptly ordered anyone who had failed to be executed as a warning to others. He was also highly intelligent and manipulative, as well as possess a remarkable charisma that has allowed the reconstruction of the empire until then fragmented with the revolution Jaffa. Unlike other goa'uld, Atlas has developed a cloning technology that allowed him to survive for more than 24,000 years without hardly ever use the sarcophagus, and this makes Atlas goa'uld one of the oldest in existence. It seems that he was one of the main children of Atok and has used his knowledge to create an Empire hybrid technology.

Atlas symbol

Atlas Symbol

Remained in the shadows for millennia after the last defeat at the hands of a coalition of goa'uld of previous dynasties, Atlas is back in the limelight with the fall of the empire by promoting a new order. Refounded the empire, has rebuilt forces goa'uld quickly drawing from discontent in the galaxy and meandering through a series of alliances initials, has recreated an initial core goa'uld in the Milky Way. From this first group, he expanded his empire to over 100,000 light years clenching and dissolving alliances with goa'uld emerged including: Atum, Quetesh, Am'heh, Khnum, Ra Horakhti. In the course of years has imposed its power coming into open conflict and destroying empire solid as the Republic of Qualpuch and the rule of Subra. He united and coordinated forces of goa'uld to fight Malecathi and Vanir, going so far as to ally themselves with the hated land against which he had led the famous siege of Manhattan. Despite the adverse events more or less, the Titan has arrived to keep a vast empire including some colonies in the Pegasus galaxy. Despite this military power, in one of the meetings periodich Station Heliopolis, Atlas and goa'uld present were transported to an alternate reality from which they are able to return to working. Temporarily defeated Anubis, Atlas has finally moved war against their main enemy Khnum successfully defeat and depose him. During transport to the prison of the enemy defeated, Atlas has suffered a coup by his underlord.